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The American journal of clinical nutrition

American journal of public health

American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities : AJIDD

American sociological review : the official journal of the American Sociological Society

Archives of environmental & occupational health : an international journal

The American journal of psychology

The American journal of sociology


Biblical interpretation

Bildung und Erziehung


Child development

Child development perspectives

Critical reviews in food science and nutrition


European sociological review


First amendment studies


Human relations

Human studies : a journal for philosophy and the social sciences


Journal of Biochemistry

Journal of food science

Journal of graphic novels & comics

Journal of nutrition


Mind : a quarterly review of philosophy

Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development


Novum testamentum

Nutrition reviews


Quarterly journal of speech


Sociology : the journal of the British Sociological Association

The Sociological review. New series


Theologische Rundschau

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